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Name:The Origen Consortium - Dreamwidth Threshold
Website:The Origen Consortium - Forum and Training Rooms
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Community description:Historical and paranormal research, discussion and the gathering-together of likeminded individuals

The Origen Consortium is named after a fictional organization, seeing as any of the names already used for this gathered company would seem to restrict its definition in time and historical place. The fictional Origen Consortium is a conglomerate entity dedicated both to searching out the truth and spreading it, while at the same time keeping it out of the hands of those who aren't capable of handling it, understanding it, or using it responsibly or sanely...a mission that requires extraordinary and superhuman talents to be involved, as well as a great deal of confidentiality. The real-life Origen Consortium...has more or less the same mission, despite being far less formally established in the world and living in a slightly different historical stream of events.

The Alexandrian theologian Origen, after whom the Consortium is named, held that there were multiple levels of interpretation and understanding possible in religious scriptures and teachings, but that most people were only capable of grasping the literal or the moralistic meanings -- the lowest two levels -- and that they both couldn't and shouldn't be pressured to understand more than they were able. Which creates a dilemma, in practice, for all those who try to share their insights and knowledge with others but can't share everything they know as they themselves know it, or even close to that. And the feeling isn't restricted to religion, of course -- anyone who's borne any sort of revelation that was too much to share indiscriminately with others in general knows how tempting and frustrating a situation it is to hold things in (a main reason that we are not on many forums and communities that would seem to be relevant to us), whether it's social unpopularity, censure or allegations of full-on delusion that telling the truth would spring.

So this is a place where we don't have to worry so much about that gap of communication, seeing as it's not a general otherkin, pagan/magical, spiritual or even sociopolitical network. This site is itself a doorway rather than a full destination, but it will hopefully present enough, and in the right words and references and concepts, to guide through that doorway those who are meant to be in the inner chamber.

To give a clearer mental idea, anyone who's invited here is someone who can understand and discuss things on higher levels of symbolism, significance and overall reality, keep a clear head, and not be carried away with their own religious/political ideology, anti-ideology or the presumed infallibility of their particular claims. Which is a complex way of saying, "We can actually talk about things that matter without hecklers and fluffbunnies butting in."

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